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Acting Classes in Boston

Acting classes for professionals and aspiring actors in Boston

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acting classes in boston october, 2016

We are happy to announce a new class taught by Igor Golyak starting October 18, 2016!
This is a one-year masters-level acting program.
The class meets once a week on Tuesdays 7:30-10pm.

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Here is what our graduates say:


Naira Zakaryan

“Best acting studio in New England that carries traditions of Stanislavsky forward. The insight, the depth, the knowledge and dedication of Igor Golyak are unsurpassed!”
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Ian Gatheca

“Attentive acting coach who strives to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his students and builds them up from their personal base. I look forward to classes every week.”
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Christina Saad Wolfskehl

“The Stanislavski method has helped me become more authentic on stage and better in control of my performance. The exercises and improvisations pushed me through my self-imposed boundaries...”
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On stage, if an actor experiences only internal feelings or only physical actions, then the performance is dead. The reasoning behind this goes back to the union of the psychological and physical. The two go hand-in-hand. If an actor attempts to portray a character by employing one aspect of the union without the other, then they are performing incompletely. Internal experiences and their physical expression are unbreakably united. Whether it is through a facial expression or the tapping of a foot, everything a human experiences psychologically is displayed through physical means. This is termed a psycho-physical union.

The correct physical action does not come automatically for every psychological response nor do they stimulate identical responses for every individual. Many times, actors need to experiment until they determine what best works for them and for the character they are trying to portray. The best way to experiment with this is through improvisation. The best improvisers are those who can intuitively act and behave onstage as though they are in a real situation.


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