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Naira Zakaryan


“Best acting studio in New England that carries traditions of Stanislavsky forward. The insight, the depth, the knowledge and dedication of Igor Golyak are unsurpassed!”


Rimma Gluzman


“If you love theatre and want to try acting this place is for you! You will become a part of a wonderful and talented family called Igor Golyak Acting Studio! Igor’s teaching techniques will help you discover yourself and your potential. At the same time you learn how to feel, hear and see your fellow students and become a one living organism on stage!”


Irina Danilova


“I’ve been with Igor Golyak Acting Studio for 5 years. It were amazing years. I learned a lot about the art of acting, I discovered a lot about myself. Igor is a great teacher, strict and demanding, creative and challenging. You can learn a lot from him if you have a will to learn and progress as an actor. Highly recommend to everyone.”


Ian Gatheca


“Attentive acting coach who strives to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his students and builds them up from their personal base. I look forward to classes every week.”


Christina Saad Wolfskehl

Christina Saad Wolfskehl


“The Stanislavski method has helped me become more authentic on stage and better in control of my performance. The exercises and improvisations pushed me through my self-imposed boundaries and deepened my character work. The classes at Arlekin Studios are small thus students often receive considerable stage time and one-on-one coaching from Igor. He not only develops you as an actor, but gives you the skill set needed to develop yourself beyond the class setting. Without a doubt this experience has been the toughest and most rewarding of my life.”


Alex Petetsky

Alex Petetsky


“When watching plays performed on stage I could not help but wonder what kind of actor I would make. I wanted to be there performing in front of the live audience but never had the time (or courage) to make the first step. Recently I learned about Arlekin Studio that offered adult drama acting classes taught by prominent actor/director – Igor Golyak.

After just a moment of hesitation I signed up and never looked back. Igor is a true professional with an incredible passion for Theater that feeds into every lecture. Many times we stayed after hours to hear him talk about anything theatre – from Stanislavsky system and the history of modern theater to his own acting and directing experiences both in United States and Russia.

The results shown by my classmates and me in one short year far exceeded my expectations. We have grown so much; we have learned so much and we have been having lots of fun in the process. But most importantly for me – we have performed on stage in front of the real audience and that has been an amazing experience, the miracle that is impossible to describe in words.

Thank you Igor! Thank you Arlekin Studio!”



Andrey Droznin


“What differentiated him (Igor Golyak, added by editor) from his classmates is that he perceived the class work not only as a student but as a future instructor. Igor took every opportunity to assist in directing… His production of “Diary from the Underground,” by Dostoevsky revealed that he had a keen understanding of the elements of the Stanislavski system, and that he is able to train actors in this system.” – Andrei Droznin (Excerpt from a letter of recommendation).

(PhD; Head of Movement for the Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; Head of Movement at the Schukin Theatre Institute, Moscow; Professor of the Moscow Art Theatre School MXAT, Moscow )



Elisa Abatsis

“… I’ve spent lots of money on acting classes that try to teach students how to be other people. This class focused on using yourself in the work you are doing. As actors, it s our job to portray the truth. The Stanislavsky system showed me how and where to find it.”



Vic Clay

“… The experience has been a total mind bomb for me. Igor Golyak has been breaking down every thing I ever thought I knew about acting. It is akin to working out in a gym wherein one breaks down a muscle so it can rebuild itself stronger.”



Jonathan Samson

“…The lessons in the Stanislavsky system with Igor Golyak, in accordance with the teachings of Vaktangov, have allowed me to return to that place where I am naturally myself.”