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Special Programs

13245303_605094026307126_8463973733952138448_nStudy at the birthplace of modern theater!

The Moscow Art Theatre Intensive immerses actors in the Stanislavsky training method in the very theater where he developed his approach. Daily movement and acting classes are complemented with voice, and stage combat. In addition to a conservatory-based training regimen – six days a week taught by masters at one of the world’s most renowned theater companies – you will experience the rich theatrical culture that permeates Moscow by attending 7-10 performances of theater.

Join us in Moscow for a 10 day intensive training at the Moscow Art Theatre School. Study Stanislavsky and Chekhov in the birth-place of modern theatre.


COURSE WORK13173679_602294609920401_6896086877344492140_n

ACTING- Stanislavsky training at Chekhov scene study with working theatre artists and MATS Professors. Depending on schedules, teachers vary from year to year. In the past, we have worked with Viktor Rizhakov, Dmitry Brusnikin, and Andrei Kuzichev.

MOVEMENT- study Droznin Movement with Vladimir Sazhin, Director of Plastic Performance at the Moscow Art Theatre School and graduate of the Droznin program at the Vakhtangov Theatre Institute.

STAGE COMBAT- stage combat technique and training with Batraz Zaseev.

HISTORY OF RUSSIAN THEATRE-  Dr. Anatoly Smeliansky lectures in Russian theatre and the creation of the Moscow Art Theatre. Dr. Smeliansky is a world-renowned theatre expert, author, and president of the Moscow Art Theatre School.



While in Moscow all students will be housed at the Moscow Art Theatre School dormitory, which is located in the very heart of the city, 25 min by foot to Red Square. Rooms are comfortable and equipped with a shared kitchen and internet access.


Here are some videos from our trip in 2015:

Actors trainingStage movement continued…,  Stage fightStage fall.