Scene Study | Acting Classes in Boston, MA | Igor Golyak Acting Studio
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Scene Study

Preparing a scene before arriving at a project location is a fundamental skill that every actor must demonstrate. This is particularly true for film and television actors, whose preparation before arriving on set can often be the only chance they have to deeply explore their character within a given scenario. While the director is an important voice in any theatrical endeavor, an actor must know how to prepare scenes without the guidance of an outside eye so that he might bring work to rehearsal in order to deepen his connection to the work.


This once-weekly workshop focuses on scene work; the application of actor’s craft in a context directly applicable to her professional life. The class is based on action analysis; since drama depends truly on the doings of a character, an actor must understand these doings in order to create the emotion demanded by any given role. Feeling is a result of action, and systematically breaking down action will create emotional connection for the actor such that they might consistently perform with this sense of feeling. This class will also break down methods of understanding a scene’s given circumstances as well as methods of approaching character development. With these techniques in an actor’s arsenal, he will be well prepared for any project (so long as he does his preparation before rehearsal!).


This class will touch on scenes from all dramatic media: stage plays, television, and film. Both classical and contemporary scenes will be considered. Actors will have a chance to explore roles both close to their type and against their type. In-class exercises will be custom fit to each actor’s unique background, training, and needs.