Audition Preparation | Acting Classes in Boston, MA | Igor Golyak Acting Studio
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Audition Preparation

Have a big audition coming up that you’d like a little help preparing for? Let Igor Golyak’s many years of experience in the industry go to work for you. Igor works with students one on one to prepare audition content that best suits their strengths, industry type, and the audition they’re going out for. During the first sixty minute session, a student should bring a piece they are considering for an audition, and Igor will help the student determine if this is the right fit. Then, it’s all about coaching; Igor uses elements of his core acting curriculum to help students bring their text to life and land that big role.


Igor has a great track record for audition preparation with students who have (with his help) been accepted into the Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts, Harvard University ART Graduate Program, and landed principal roles in major motion pictures.


Frequency and duration of sessions are determined on an individual basis in conversation with the student, the student’s needs, and the student’s budget. Igor takes these audition preparation pupils on an individual basis, because every audition is unique. Each sixty minute session costs $65. If you are interested in booking, please fill out the below contact form and you will be contacted to arrange your first meeting.