About Stanislavsky System | Acting Classes in Boston, MA | Igor Golyak Acting Studio
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About Stanislavsky System

Unlocking true depth and connection onstage is a matter of marrying the physical actions the psychological reality of a part into one, fluid performance. This union, described by Stanislavsky practitioners as “psycho-physical union”, allows the actor to fully portray a human being onstage in a deep emotional moment. “The Method” is a more modern American interpretation of these early Russian practices. When Constantin Stanislavki’s disciples began to use his teachings to develop their own acting methodologies (which they, in turn taught to their own students), “The Method” was born. Such artists as Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Robert Lewis, and Sanford Meisner developed offshoots of the Stanislavski system and have greatly influenced American acting today. In Russia, the original practices which inspired these systems and methods have been carefully passed down from one generation of actor to another.


In Igor Golyak’s course, you will learn and experience the basics of these techniques so that you may apply them to your own performance. You will study such pieces of the Chekhov, Vakhtangov, and Stanislavsky techniques as:


  • Creative Attention
  • Psychological and physical freedom
  • Imagination and fantasy
  • “The given circumstances”
  • Changing the attitude to (object, place of action, partner)
  • Evaluation of an event
  • Action and interaction
  • Exercises on interaction under the conditions of “justified” silence
  • “Etudes” with improvised text (me in the given Circumstance)
  • “Observations”
  • “Etudes” with a partner with a given character


This is a nine month class that meets on Wednesdays from 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM. Beginning September 16th and ending June 15th, the class will take both a winter break and a spring break. There will be two showcases during this class so that the students may display their work: one in the winter, and one in the summer. This course is an intense, college-level acting class designed to truly push an actor’s limits and hone an actor’s skill.