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About Igor Golyak

Igor Golyak

About the Master Teacher


Igor Golyak studied at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts and the Vakhtangov Theatre School in Moscow. He graduated in 2002 from Moscow’s Schukin Theatre Institute with such prestigious awards as the Yaroslavi Theatre Festival’s “Best Student Performance” and the Vienna Theatre Festival’s “Best Actor Award”. After graduating, he performed with the “Teatr u Niktiskih Vorot” for two years while he pursued a professional teaching and directing degree from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. Since coming to the Boston area, Igor has taught at Wellesley College, the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts/Middlesex University, Moscow Specialized Institute for the Arts, ARBOS Theatre Festival, New Arts Studeio and Arlekin Studio.


Igor is excited to continue the heritage of these methods by teaching them to new students and to pass down the long, rich history that these methods are steeped in.


Igor Golyak’s Teaching Philosophy


“As a master teacher, I take my students’ success as my own success and am dedicated to their advancement. I take great pride in their work. Many start out as beginners but quickly grow to become professional level actors. I inspire creativity, depth and identity in their work. With my direction, students learn to utilize their uniqueness to the fullest, while creating true to life characters. I learned the teachings of Stanislavsky, Vakhtangov and Michael Chekhov through their direct disciples. This has given me an understanding of the true intentions of the techniques rather than interpretations. Through these powerful techniques, my students are able to gain a better understanding of themselves. My courses are not only designed for actors, but also for various professionals seeking help in public speaking.


It is my teaching philosophy to treat introduction to acting as a laboratory for self-exploration, discovery and analysis. Only after understanding one’s own psychophysics, can students start to explore others, and create characters. I believe ensemble exercises are invaluable for students to open up and embrace the unfamiliar. I lead students in ensemble and atmosphere exercises to create mutual admiration and interest. In this state of mind students’ achievements grows exponentially, and inspires them to be artists. These are proven Stanislavsky exercises that have not been published, but rather are passed down from generation to generation, which I learned in my training in Russia. I have had great success achieving the above-mentioned goals with them here in the U.S.” -Igor Golyak, Master Teacher